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Get the Best Individual Arizona Health Insurance Plans

February 19, 2016
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When it comes to availing of individual Arizona health insurance plans, people tend to have a general notion as to how things should go. But this preconceived idea might not always be the case. Health insurance is a very complicated terrain and changes from person to person. If you want to get the best out of your health insurance plan it’s best that you consider all the angles before diving into a contract that you might not even benefit from.

More about Individual Arizona Health Insurance Plans

  1. Employer’s Plan Might not be the Best – A lot of individuals get their health insurance from an employer. While this might seem like a practical and very obvious choice, it’s not always the best. There are lots of limitation to employer-provided health insurance plans that might not cover your specific needs and preferences. There are 10 essential health insurance coverage inclusions that need to be given, but there are also a plethora of other inclusions that vary from plan to plan. Shop around for other plans and see if you would be better of sticking to an employer’s plan or switching to individual Arizona health insurance plans.
  2. Lower Premium isn’t Always Cheaper – The general notion is that if you pay cheaper, you win. This isn’t necessarily the case with health insurance. Lower premiums might require a lower monthly payment, but remember, the out-of-pocket expenses for a lower premium could be much more expensive than for higher premiums. If for example, your medical bills reach $100,000, a lower premium would require that you shell out 40% (or $40,000 USD) from your own pocket, while a higher premium would only require as little as 10% (or $10,000 USD.) The best way to decide on a premium is to identify how often you think you’ll be in and out of the hospital within the near future. The more frequent your visits, the higher the premium you should pay.
  3. Your Doctor Might not be Covered – There are some insurance agencies that will not cover the fees incurred from your doctor or your hospital. Why? They’re probably not affiliated with each other. The same goes for certain medication. Because insurance agencies might not recognize your prescription as something that should be included in your policy, you might not get coverage for these either. Find out what your provider covers so you can best prepare for any future conflicts.


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